A La Carte


ONE HOUR …… $400

An amuse-bouche is meant to ignite your palate, while not out-shinning what is yet to come. We have just enough time to have some passionate fun, get to know each other's names and whet our palates for future encounters.

TWO HOUR ……$800

Antoine Carême and Auguste Escoffier made history in the culinary world. Let us make some history of our own as we escape from the mundane realities of life and surrender to our desires within. Let us savor our ardent tryst and the moments we spend rousing each other.


A perfect number when it comes to life and food, for all things seem to come in threes - appetizer, main course, dessert. Experience the ease and pleasure of not worrying about what comes next as we explore the flavors of all the courses. Come away with me, as we traverse our ravenous appetite, satiating every desire that may come our way.


There are four things that are essential to southern cuisine, salt, seasoning, butter, and booze. As we delve into our time together, we can explore what's essential to you since there is always a perfect recipe for everything in life. Let's make yours.


Whether it’s sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, or umami, everyone has a favorite flavor. Flavor after all is the spice of life and with five hours we can create a lot of spice; whether we're out an about or behind closed doors the options are endless and with each time a new flavor. Especially since no dish is exactly the same.

SIX HOURS……$2200

Béchamel, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise, Véloute, and as some may say Mayonnaise. The six modern mother sauces. A dish without sauce is fine, but one with is elevated to another level. One that adds a mouth-watering effect that has you coming back for another bite. We may not have rich decadent sauces at our disposal, but I'd love to awaken your body and mind with scintillating conversation and ravenous desire that keeps us coming back for more.


Prix Fixe

DAY OF BLISS……$2400*

There is nothing better than relishing in the moment, without the rush of the clock ticking away in the background. Let's slip into the comfort of each other's arms as we spend a full day in one another’s company. Whether we whisk ourselves away to another land, or simply stay in and enjoy the simple pleasure. We shall enjoy life to its fullest, since it is, after all, our only one.


A full day is nice, but if one really wants to enjoy life a full forty-eight hours of sheer pleasure, ecstasy and indulgence is well worth the hard work you put in every day. Whether you're simply looking for a travel companion, a body to cuddle with at night, a moment to get lost in. Take the time, because self-care is something that everyone needs and that includes you most importantly. Let us relax in each other’s company while still enjoying the thrill of a weekend away.


Whoever said being predictable was a bad thing, never lived a chaotic life. Sometimes, it's nice to know what you're going to get before letting loose. This is a tailored made encounter for a month, let your mind go wild, and let us have some fun with it.


You don't always have to share despite popular belief, and I won't tell if you don't. For one month I am all yours, let's enjoy it.

DINNER FOR TWO……$600 up to 3 hours, $200 per additional hour

Sometimes the finer things in life don't only exist from behind closed doors, but instead, it is a perfect balance of pairing pleasure with ecstasy. Let us enjoy a night out on the town, as I, your culinary guide, join you as we take our taste buds on an adventure at a restaurant of your choice.

CHEFS TABLE……starting at $1500

Staying in is just a good as going out, join me as I put my culinary skills to the test while cooking us an intimate dinner of your choice. Let us savor in the aromas as I cook dinner and we chat over a glass of spirits, and then sit down for a romantic dinner over aptly paired drinks. As we end the night in the presence of each other's company let us savor the moment, and yearn for more.

TWO SHOWS ONE NIGHT……$1400 up to five hours

We all have interests, things that we enjoy but never have someone to go with. I love going to shows, of any kind, let me be that perfect plus one as we head out on the town to enjoy each other's company, then retreat back and enjoy a different kind of show where we are both the actors and the audience.

MIND OVER MATTER……$900 up to seven hours

I love enriching my mind, it's just like every other muscle in my body and it definitely deserves some exercise. Let me accompany you on a tour, a lecture, a museum, or something else. Whatever your intellectual endeavor is, I'll be your muse any nine of them you pick.


* Must include 5 hours of personal rest for every 24 hours

**These are tailored to each person, no single one will be the same, and both require personal rest for myself