We all have expectations, and it's better that we have all fears and questions addressed ahead of time rather than after the fact.

Red Tape…
…it may not be fun but it is necessary for both of us.

I do not care who you are, screening is required for first-time encounters - a non-negotiable. Screening is meant to put both of us at ease - remember I verified myself through ads, now I need some piece of mind. Feel free to fill out my RSVP form, or contact me directly for screening.

I do not have a permanent location, but am still more than happy to host. Please show up on time, if you are running late it is always seen as polite to let someone know. When you do arrive please place the payment on a surface at the beginning of our time together.

A day that I do not have to stress about reserving location it a lovely day. If we are meeting in public please hand the payment in either a card or some type of literature at the beginning of our time together. If we are meeting at your place please have the payment set aside in an envelope, card, or some type of literature that I will take upon exiting.

Unfortunately, I do require deposits for both incall and outcall, so that at the end of the day no one's time is wasted. The good news though is that I only require them for our first three encounters. Of course, this does not include my cancellation guidelines. I also reserve the right to ask for a deposit for an encounter regardless of how many times you have come back to see me.

If we meet between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm fifty percent of the first hour is required to confirm the encounter. If we meet after 6:00 pm or before 7:30 am the first hour of our encounter is required, and if that encounter is an incall it is required 48 hours in advance. The deposit can be made via the Cash App, https://cash.app, to $EloiseWhittmore.

Cancellation Guidelines
If you've ever watched your television you've probably seen that iconic scene where the girl or guy is sitting at the restaurant and their date is nowhere to be seen. Don't be that person that doesn't show. I completely understand that life gets busy if you need to reschedule do not feel afraid to tell me; I'd prefer it. I'd prefer a cancellation to be made at least 48 to 24 hours in advance, that's just common courtesy. If you cancel on me two hours before our outcall you can expect an added 20 percent charge from our previous time. If you cancel on me two hours before an incall, I will add the charge of the room fee and 15 percent of what your previous payment should have been. If you no call no show and you try to reschedule all money must be deposited to me 72 hours before our appointment, no exceptions.

I feel this should go without say, but just as you would expect me to show up clean and minty fresh, I expect the same. I understand that sometimes we cannot control our circumstances, that being said I am more than happy to let you clean up and get ready before we start getting intimate, as I would do the same if some unseen mishap were to befall me.

Unfortunately, due to the governments lack of understanding peoples first amendment right the site I used to have reviews on is no longer accessible from the United States of America. If you can access TER then yes, please feel free to leave a review. As I said prior I am on TER, and any review is greatly appreciated. If you yourself are looking to check out my reviews, please keep in mind that I try to make every experience special for each person, and our time together may vary greatly from someone else's.

I love taking requests, it's my way of making sure that your fantasy goes according to plan. If you feel as if there is something I don't offer that you would like me too, all you need is to contact me.

…anything that you may ask me that I do not quite have nailed down yet.

Do you have any enhancements, body modifications, or anything else I should know about?
My photos are real, and besides a few freckles, there are no tattoos on my body. I do not sport any enhancements or implants and am all natural. Please keep in mind that I had a life before escorting in the kitchen it has left behind a few faint battle scars.

How do you present yourself?
Unless otherwise requested I strive to present myself in a classic, timeless fashion that catches eyes, but does not raise question. I strive to present myself professionally and well mannered in public, but in private I love to slide off the guise of societies expectation and let my hair down - figuratively speaking.

How will we interact with each other leading up to our encounter?
Unless there is an emergency or some other circumstances, we will communicate almost exclusively via email. Although, I do communicate via Google hangouts, but will only do so when first giving permission. If initially contact me this way, I will not respond.

What types of payment do you accept?
As many people enjoy to say cash is king. Although, cash is always preferable I do also accept payment via the Cash App and only the Cash App. What is even cooler, is that if you let me know you want to use the Cash App, prior to setting up an account, I can send you a promo code that will put $5 in your account and $5 in whatever charity they are supporting that month.

Do you travel?
Yes, I do travel, you can fly, drive, or train me to you. However, unlike meeting me in Chicago, I need a heads up as to when, where and for how long. From there we will talk about specifics.

What if I want to explore fantasies with you, but I don't see something that fits me?
I do not judge people and do not believe in judging. If I don't have something you're looking for then contact me. I am always open to adding new services, and new options.

Will you be expecting gifts?
I never expect gifts, but if you wish to give a gift it will always be received with thanks. If you need ideas you can visit the indulgence page of my website for some.