As a sprightly twenty-four year old, I have lived and learned quite a but, yet I know there is still more to live and learn.

My demure genuine nature betrays those who wish to look no further because under the shyness and modesty lies an enigma. For, in reality, I yearn to abandon all inhibition and release the courtesan that exists inside. Ergo, I am always looking to explore new fantasies while lingering in the moments between the minutes that I spend in a tryst as I get to know you, and you get to know me.

I would love to delve into the unknown with you…




Summer is here!

It is hot and muggy and time to slip in doors for the relief of the cool of air conditioned building. It always makes me laugh a little inside that we spend the whole year hoping for heat and once we get it we run right inside to our cool apartments and homes.

Having fun in the summer sun is always worth it, though. Strolling along the lake front hand in hand. Bike riding around the many neighborhoods of Chicago. Playing games in the park. Or sitting back and enjoying a cruise. Summer in Chicago opens up a world of possibilities.

Of course being inside where the air is cool the the beating sun can’t get to you creates a nice escape. One where you can sit back relax and enjoy a brief respite as you cuddle away in someone’s arms or explore the new possibilities with a mate.



One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is opening up to people, and sharing who I am. I hope I do my efforts justice, but as my favorite spoken word artist says -

"Change is the excruciating trial in which we dismantle all existing architecture and turn ourselves to ruin in advance of engineering our new world. Change is necessary"
- Shane Koyczan

So if you wish to begin solving this enigma, and find out who I am, then come get to know me for I love getting to know people.