The Hatred in the Beauty

There have been six mass extinctions since the Earth was born approximately 4.5 billion years ago. So much has changed in those years, this planet went from being inhabited by single-celled organisms, to having a great diversity of life living on and underneath its' surface. The art of being different is something us humans as a whole seem to succeed at and fail at every moment of every day. Lately, it is the failure of being different that has been bothering me, as it burrows under my skin so that I make not shake it. Alas, my lip biting and patience has worn thin, and I must apologize for what I am about to write, because I may hurt feelings, or contradict opinions.

If we look at the human race from a cold clinical viewpoint we would notice that we are for the most part, minus identical twins, different on the surface. Each and every one of us has our own unique set of DNA that separates ourselves from others. We come in all different shape and sizes and colors. We come from places and incomes and religions. Yet somehow we fail to realize that if you strip away the shape, the size, the color; if you strip away the place, the income, the religion, that underneath we are all the same. We all have a brain and heart. We all have a personality, and we all have the potential to be bad or be good. As I have said many times to many people and will continue to say, you can be an asshole no matter who you are. Despite the vulgarity and negativity of that statement, it is rooted in truth. We let those same things that make us different and unique, define us and separate us. They are merely data points for some statistician to use, to get a better grip on what our diversity looks like, yet because we are human we like to find patterns and discover similarities, but it is in this diversity that sprouts this problem or that problem.

We use these data points, in some of the most horrific ways. In the Middle Ages, we used them to separate the royalty from the peasants from the slaves. With the discovery of the United States, then known as the Americas, we used it again to separate the Native Americans, then referred to at times as "savages," from the Pilgrims, and Europeans who saw their way of life as far superior. We used these data points to not only enslave African Americans and prior to bringing them over, the indigenous people of the Americas, but to justify it, by viewing them as less than us. This was done again with the building of the railroads, through segregation, internment camps, genocide, wars, terrorism, government. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Everything that separates us that makes different, that makes us unique and special, is that same thing that breeds hate, intolerance, conflict, bigotry, racism, sexism, and downright ignorance.

I would rather have no place in my life for people who are part of the latter list. I understand that these people exist and that some people believe that they are justified in their actions and that there are some viewpoints that you cannot change. I also understand that sometimes people just need to put their feet up and let their hair down. It is important that as a society we accept that change is not immediate and that there needs to be a space for these people have in order to grow and change. I am more than happy and willing to provide that space, but please note that there will be subtle hints that although those separations and differences are important if you let them run wild they can become malignant and cancerous to the beauty within the differences.

A time of colors

I am feeling invigorated, excited, and ready to take on the world.

I have been a busy beaver, running here and running there. I finally got to see the John Singer Sargent exhibit at the Art Institute, it was breathtaking; I never expected to enjoy looking at so many portraits before. The colors were not only bold, but I felt as if the people in the painting were talking, and their emotions were raw in unbridled by the painting in which they sat. These sitters took on a life of there own, they did not shrink away from the moment but seized upon it. Of course, these beautiful masterpieces were all thanks to Sargent and his skills. As I walked out into the modern wing though, I found myself walking into an audio installation which had recordings of all the different religions and their leaders in Chicago. It was magnificent, to say the least. Speakers were scattered about in the rooms, and voices overlapped voices overlapped voices so that as you opened the doors to the gallery all you heard was a cacophony of people in an empty room. They were all praying to whom they worship, and as I sat there I couldn't help feeling we were all the same, looking to someone to lead and guide us through life; a twinge of sadness overtook this thought as I fail to comprehend why we can't come to a common understanding with people who we find are different from ourselves. We are all just painting on this beautiful canvas why must we sully it with hate and prejudice?

At that, I will take my leave, I took many pictures of outings and life, I will point of posting them in the following month.

Playing catch up!

Wow! August flew by, and I'm sitting at my new desk looking out my window trying to remind myself that it's a new year of sorts. It's the beginning of my second year of this, I'm in a new apartment, I have new hopes an aspirations, and new outlooks on life. It is as if I have officially turned over a new leaf.

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who decided to reconnect it was a treat getting to see what you have been up to and having a chance to say thank you for all you've done over the past year for me.

Yes, you read it correctly I moved, I'm still in Chicago so no worries, just a different apartment, with a substantially better stove. Some of you may be aware of the fact that I was utterly depressed by the state of my old kitchen and its' stove. As a culinary person, the fact that I had a stove that couldn't properly cook and bake my food was depressing, to say the least. However, I can bake and cook again and am eager to have people to share my food with.

I was whisked away by a dashing gentleman to New York and Las Vegas and was pleasantly surprised by both cities. Being a proud die-hard Chicagoan I have never liked New York since I was young, disliking the fact that Chicago always came second to New York made never wanting to go there so much easier. Then I went, and I realized that just like Chicago New York has history and pride in itself. I realized you should not judge a city by your own personal opinions until you've been there. In fact, both excursions forced me to be more open minded and understand that judgment of something should always be withheld until you experience it or see it first hand. I'm looking forward to more excursions in the future that will continue to teach me the importance of an open mind, and an evolving opinion.

Thank you

As most have you seen on my bulletin I am taking the month to say thank you to all who have seen me this past year. There are as always some "terms and conditions," as always, and I decided to put them below for you.

  • The complimentary time goes towards one of our encounters this month, meaning that if we see eachother multiple times this month, only one of those encounters that we have will include complimentary time.
  • As most of you know I have an hour minimum from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm. The hour minimum is based solely on the booking amount of time and not the complimentary time. That means if we meet for an hour, and I put an additional half hour or an hour in, that additional amount does not count towards the minimum.
  • If you wish to meet outside of the city of Chicago, I would be more than happy to come to you whether it be by plane, or train, or automobile. However, just as any other month of the year, depending on the distance and travel expense I may require there to be a transportation consideration.

I think that about covers it, if there are any further questions or any specifications needed please let me know.

It's been a while…

…since I've posted anything, and not without reason either. As I've said in previous posts I was working on a HACCP certification, which I am proud to say has been finished, and passed. Unfortunately, the work is far from over, since I've finished the certification, I am now actually creating the plans and the prerequisite programs. This means the life is less than interesting. Although, I did get to enjoy the holidays. I spent the day on the beach for the Fourth and even made it out into the bone-chilling lake. Unfortunately, that's where life stops, besides a couple days in New York, trips out to the suburbs to visit my family and a new book on my bedside table, life has been uneventful. Although, next month I have plans to visit the Art Institute, and do some more exploring. Until then, I look forward to seeing you and hearing what new things, are happening in your life.


Safety first

     So I have been a busy beaver if I do say so myself. I found myself a second job, which I had no intention of getting, but I was asked to write a HACCP plan by a friend in the restaurant industry and idiotically I said yes. About a month in a half later, I find that I'm getting a certification in writing the plans, something I was unaware I would have to do when I agreed to the plan. I tell you all this, because up until June 7, the day my certification program ends, I will be reducing the amount of lovely people I get to mingle with.

      On another note, my birthday was quite enjoyable and seems to keep going strangely enough. Since I chose to spend the day with myself at the museum, and comic book shop - I thought I was a little overdue since I hadn't been there in a while - I've been having mini celebrations with different friends, and yet to have celebrated with the family. What can I say, life seems to get busy as we get older. Appart from the birthday outing, life has been and continues to be filled with studying, for now...


So I will be the first to admit that I did not live up to my standards and post at least bi-weekly for April. I'm not going to justify it or make an excuse, it happened I apologize and here's what happened in my life…

At the beginning of the month, I found myself at C2E2 celebrating my sisters birthday. We do it every year, and it is three days of glorious fun. Normally, I do a toned down cosplay, but this year I decided just to watch, and come up with ideas of how to push my yearly Joker cosplay to the next level, and the next thing I knew I had two new cosplays I wanted to try out. I'm not going to divulge those though, because both will require a transformation that I hope to surprise everyone with next year. Be warned, I will not look my normal self! There was so much more than just cosplay happening, the panels were amazing, not as great as past years, mainly because Stan Lee is no longer partaking in panels due to his age. Despite the Stan Lee absence, who has become a yearly staple I was able to sufficiently wet the panel appetite with two nights of Cards Against Humanity and much more. There was so much more, but I'm not here to bore anybody so I'll stop myself while I'm still ahead.

After, C2E2 there weren't many outings, besides celebrating the best friends birthday and doing some baking and cooking. I've been considering putting my food creations up on Twitter, but I think I might start to confuse people with all the food. Although, now its May, which in my humble opinion is one of the best months of the year. Mainly because it's the month I was born in, but hey the weather is also enjoyable. I'll celebrating 23 years this weekend, but unlike previous years where I wanted to do so many things, I want the day to be a relaxing one


So about a week and a half ago I had my photo shoot, and I received my photos last week one of which I posted on my twitter. The month leading up to the photo shoot and since then I have had little time to sit down and actually relax.  I find myself running here and running there, enjoying myself the whole time, but I definitely am starting to feel the need to get at least a massage and take an afternoon for myself. I've been catching up on Majority54, and hope to indulge myself in a Soothe massage.  

I did have had some fun! The day before I had my photo shoot, I went to the Shedd for the first time since I was a small child. I must say as nice as it was to see, it still remains the least enjoyable Chicago museum for me. It may have to do with all the children running around though. The week after my photo shoot, I was invited as a friend's plus one to be a guinea pig at Ramen-San's lunch practice. It was amazing, and I hope to be going back often. I have some fun upcoming plans but I'll save that for later.

Besides the photo shoot and the fun, there have been some subtle changes. I am accepting payments through the CashApp, my cashtag is $EloiseWhittmore. That is probably the biggest change that has happened or at least I feel that way. My weekends are shifting! When I started my weekends were Sundays and Mondays. Now I am slowly trying to shift to having Tuesday off and sometimes Mondays. However, as you all know if Tuesday or Monday is the only day you can meet then I will happily see you on either day. Last but not least, I have gotten a work number, and no before you ask I am not going to be posting it. Having access to my work number is a privilege and not something I will be handing out to everyone I hear from. That being said I am reserving it for those who come back and see me month after month. Of course, it is always up to my discretion and if I feel I want to hand it out to you I will and if I don't think you deserve that privilege of having my number I will not. Having that level of accessibility to someone is a type of trust that I believe is earned.

So on that heavy note, I will leave you thinking about everything I wrote, and walk away from the computer and back into my kitchen to finish my ciabatta bread which I have definetely over proofed this week and other cooking products.