A time of colors

I am feeling invigorated, excited, and ready to take on the world.

I have been a busy beaver, running here and running there. I finally got to see the John Singer Sargent exhibit at the Art Institute, it was breathtaking; I never expected to enjoy looking at so many portraits before. The colors were not only bold, but I felt as if the people in the painting were talking, and their emotions were raw in unbridled by the painting in which they sat. These sitters took on a life of there own, they did not shrink away from the moment but seized upon it. Of course, these beautiful masterpieces were all thanks to Sargent and his skills. As I walked out into the modern wing though, I found myself walking into an audio installation which had recordings of all the different religions and their leaders in Chicago. It was magnificent, to say the least. Speakers were scattered about in the rooms, and voices overlapped voices overlapped voices so that as you opened the doors to the gallery all you heard was a cacophony of people in an empty room. They were all praying to whom they worship, and as I sat there I couldn't help feeling we were all the same, looking to someone to lead and guide us through life; a twinge of sadness overtook this thought as I fail to comprehend why we can't come to a common understanding with people who we find are different from ourselves. We are all just painting on this beautiful canvas why must we sully it with hate and prejudice?

At that, I will take my leave, I took many pictures of outings and life, I will point of posting them in the following month.