So about a week and a half ago I had my photo shoot, and I received my photos last week one of which I posted on my twitter. The month leading up to the photo shoot and since then I have had little time to sit down and actually relax.  I find myself running here and running there, enjoying myself the whole time, but I definitely am starting to feel the need to get at least a massage and take an afternoon for myself. I've been catching up on Majority54, and hope to indulge myself in a Soothe massage.  

I did have had some fun! The day before I had my photo shoot, I went to the Shedd for the first time since I was a small child. I must say as nice as it was to see, it still remains the least enjoyable Chicago museum for me. It may have to do with all the children running around though. The week after my photo shoot, I was invited as a friend's plus one to be a guinea pig at Ramen-San's lunch practice. It was amazing, and I hope to be going back often. I have some fun upcoming plans but I'll save that for later.

Besides the photo shoot and the fun, there have been some subtle changes. I am accepting payments through the CashApp, my cashtag is $EloiseWhittmore. That is probably the biggest change that has happened or at least I feel that way. My weekends are shifting! When I started my weekends were Sundays and Mondays. Now I am slowly trying to shift to having Tuesday off and sometimes Mondays. However, as you all know if Tuesday or Monday is the only day you can meet then I will happily see you on either day. Last but not least, I have gotten a work number, and no before you ask I am not going to be posting it. Having access to my work number is a privilege and not something I will be handing out to everyone I hear from. That being said I am reserving it for those who come back and see me month after month. Of course, it is always up to my discretion and if I feel I want to hand it out to you I will and if I don't think you deserve that privilege of having my number I will not. Having that level of accessibility to someone is a type of trust that I believe is earned.

So on that heavy note, I will leave you thinking about everything I wrote, and walk away from the computer and back into my kitchen to finish my ciabatta bread which I have definetely over proofed this week and other cooking products.