Thank you

As most have you seen on my bulletin I am taking the month to say thank you to all who have seen me this past year. There are as always some "terms and conditions," as always, and I decided to put them below for you.

  • The complimentary time goes towards one of our encounters this month, meaning that if we see eachother multiple times this month, only one of those encounters that we have will include complimentary time.
  • As most of you know I have an hour minimum from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm. The hour minimum is based solely on the booking amount of time and not the complimentary time. That means if we meet for an hour, and I put an additional half hour or an hour in, that additional amount does not count towards the minimum.
  • If you wish to meet outside of the city of Chicago, I would be more than happy to come to you whether it be by plane, or train, or automobile. However, just as any other month of the year, depending on the distance and travel expense I may require there to be a transportation consideration.

I think that about covers it, if there are any further questions or any specifications needed please let me know.