Growing up my mother instilled in both my sister and I the thought process that doing well in school doesn't deserve a reward because you shouldn't be rewarded for something you should already be doing.

That being said, whenever anyone sends me a compliment about my website a little part of me feels proud, because unlike school when you know you're doing well the only feedback I get is from you. A few months back, I had someone actually criticize the wording on my website, implying that I did not fit the words I wrote; I have sat on this comment and mulled it over time and time again wondering if this person made a valid point or not. Not. However, I feel that I might understand where this opinion originates from, and I thought I might seize on the chance to introduce you to a side of me that most people don't see or know. I'm not going to do this all at once, but over course of multiple sporadic postings. I say sporadic, because if something fun springs up in my life then that will take precedence.

Such as this past month I got crazy sick and did not do much at all, but sleep, I am better now though. This past week, however, I have started cooking up a storm which I haven't done in a while. My roommate and I made a Mediterranean feast, I made this lovely lamb ragu, and roasted paprika cauliflower florets. Along with, plain hummus to be accordingly seasoned, fresh pita bread. We made baba ganoush - which is hummus but instead of chickpeas you use charred eggplant - with charred kale, and an Israeli salad but added pimento peppers in for a twist. Then last night I tried out a new pasta recipe and used vital wheat gluten in the dough making it more pliable allowing me to roll it out to 0.6 mm. I went a little crazy with that making the pasta at varying thickness to decide which thickness works the best. Tonight that taglioni will be turned into dinner of some kind. Although, none of this may interest you for a culinary graduate food is what brings us together, and is crucial to everyday life. Not only that but every culture has a different type of food so in many ways, it is an expression of who we are and where we are from. Just last weekend I attempted to make Puerto Rican food - I failed miserably - which for a "mut" (I am made up of many ethnicities) who mainly identifies as Swedish is a completely new way of cooking. It is when we try to learn a different cultures food that we start understanding them. 


New Year's

So when I finally sat down to write this post I had an agenda on what I was going to talk about - going to MSI, Babbit, my lack of reading thanks to MDWP (more on that latter) - but then I realized that I should probably give everyone a heads up about New Year's. Although, I should explain that I finally am addicted to something and no it's not drugs, or alcohol, or food. I was looking for an adult podcast, did some research lost the notes I had, went back made a quick list and started going down the list. Out of about twenty podcasts, I made it about four in when I stumbled upon My Dad Wrote a Porno which I have subsequently become addicted to. By the way, I feel like I should note that this is probably the least erotic podcast ever; it is the funniest podcast I have ever listened to though. The main host's father, Rocky Flinstone, wrote a very bad piece of erotic literature which the host and his two friends subsequently read through and rip to shred and laugh at. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a break from the chaos of life. But enough about that…

Most of you know that I normally take Sundays and Mondays off, but seeing that New Year's Eve is on Sunday night I have decided not to take my usual weekend. So from 6 pm on Sunday until 4 am on Monday morning, I will be open to explore wild fantasies with you. However, please note that I will stop accepting any bookings Friday night at 12. That gives you a week to let me know if you want to break in the New Year with me. My rates will be different for that night, so if you are interested let me know!

One of a Kind

I have been busy, and for anybody who has been paying attention, my website has been changing. Usually, my weekends consist of making my apartment presentable and working on the website. So when my sister wanted to spend the weekend with me, it was a no-brainer to take a miniature work vacation. No, unfortunately, I did not get to leave the city. I did finally get to go to the Merchandise Mart, and wow it is amazing. There was the One of a Kind art show with hundreds of artists coming in from all over the country selling there wears for photography to paintings to glass work to hats to clothes. I'm just grateful I didn't bring my checkbook, because I think I might have gone broke. There were so many beautiful pieces it just makes the creativity inside me go crazy. 

As for website updates, I added a decorum page in replacement for the FAQ page, in hopes too clear up any questions. Also since December is holiday month I added a Delivery Code Wishlist to my Lagniappe section, which will be receiving more pictures.  Speaking of pictures, some funs tidbits, the pictures on the decorum page were taken by me, I hope to add some to my lagniappe page. Also, I am working on setting up a new photo shoot, so new pictures are to come!


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and to come together with those you love it is afterall a special time for everyone. For those of you who are not aware, the first Thanksgiving was in November of 1621, but was not a national holiday until 1863, thanks to former president Lincoln. Sadly the first Thanksgiving did not include any pies, cakes, or other desserts due to the lack of sugar. I could continue on with the history, but I figured I might veer off the path a little and bring up some racier aspects of Thanksgiving.

Alright, so not too racy, but definitely interesting. This national holiday was first celebrated by the Pilgrims, or as anybody who paid attention during The Scarlet Letter, Puritans. Unfortunately, the Puritans were obsessed with sexuality and not in a good way.  Although it is a common belief that they left England due to persecution it could also be that they left because life across the pond was too scandalous and enticing for them to handle. By moving to America, they were able to create a set of laws to prevent the original sin from ever occurring outside of marriage - how unfortunate. What is worse is that they saw sexuality as inherently evil, sex as an abomination, and women as a source of temptation mixed with moral inferiority. Sexualtiy is not inherently evil, in fact, it is a way for people to express themselves in the most minute details. Sex is not an abomination, it is a way of realese and something that people whould enjoy. Women are not morally inferior or in any way more tempting than a man.

So for thanksgiving rebel a little and show off your sexuality and have a little fun whether is be afterwards, before, or during. Regardless, be grateful that it isn't a crime to be you.

My best wishes to all of you and thank you so much to everyone who has put their faith in me.

Updates and more!

Hello, lovelies! Although not much has been happening in my life besides going to the Art Institute this past Friday - which was marvelous as always, I'll touch more on this later - I thought I would give an update. That being said, I'm super excited, because my website and other areas of my online presence have been going through and still are going through changes. I officially have a working Twitter - @WhittmoreEloise - which I will try to keep up to date as possible. Also, some of you have noticed the changes on the website; I added a gallery and am currently working on getting new photos so be on the lookout for those; the disclaimer moved which in the grand scheme of things isn't big news, but it made room for a new section which I happily named the Bulletin. Just as a subtle hint, be sure to check this section frequently because any news that I don't post here or on Twitter will be in this area of my website along with special promotions I run which if you want to take advantage of you need to know about them first. On top of all this, I have an almost up and running TER Review page - the ad website information is wrong, but if you've gotten this far I suppose that little section doesn't matter that much. That about covers it.

As for the Art Institute, I have to admit I did not spend long there since it was so busy, but I was able to peruse my favorite my favorite section before finding new hidden gems. I have to admit after feeling slightly disgruntled by the lack of change at the Museum of Science and Industry this year, I was overjoyed to find that the areas of the Art Institute I had not visited since high school due to there lack of change were almost brand new to me. Although I was not able to cover all the change I wanted in one day, I will most definetely go back sooner rather than later.

Weddings, Weddings, and more Weddings

So since I last gave an update, I have gone to three more weddings one of them in New Orleans. I have to admit, despite how lovely weddings, the partying afterward takes a lot out of you. The second wedding of four was a friend of the family and was the run of the mill wedding. The second one which brought me down to New Orleans was not as rambunctious as I expected. In fact, the last one was almost just as fun as the first, with lots of dancing and laughs, but it died down quickly.

As for New Orleans, that was quite enjoyable and brought back some good memories. I got to go out and enjoy some great food, which Nola - New Orleans - is known for. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get to eat at Shaya, The Country Club, and Turkey and Wolf. Shaya was good, but not as amazing as it use to be. The Country Club, was phenomenal, although the amount of food I ate there put me in a food coma afterward. The Turkey and Wolf was amazing, and something I wish we had up here in Chicago.

Till next time,


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I know I greatly enjoyed mine. Although, it was a little longer than I expected I was able to enjoy time with friends and family. Friday was a lovely girls night out it started out with a friend just enjoying the amazing skyline of Chicago, and then went out to enjoy the town. Saturday, I was lucky enough to enjoy a family wedding, and for the first time in a while I finally got to dance. Growing up I use to dance all the time, but as an adult I never dance anymore, so being able to go and just let lose was amazing. Sunday, I went out with my roommate to The Northman, which is Chicago's first cider bar. I absolutely adore cider, because unlike beer, or wine, or spirits, cider has no rules. Not only this, but cider happens to range in styles and types from sweet to dry and from beer like to wine like. Not only this, but cider doesn't always have to apples - which I originally thought. Anyway I am rambling about a little passion of mine, that most people wouldn't care to hear about. That was my weekend with a lazy Monday spent watching North by Northwest to wrap it up.


As my weekend came to a close, once again I was faced with what to write mainly because I'm trying to keep as current with this as possible, but also I must admit my week and weekend were not all that noteworthy.

So about two months ago I broke my toe, I didn't really tell anyone and I tried to hide it the best I could - although I have to admit wearing heels with a broken pinky toe really hurts. This is the second time I've injured a toe, and last time the healing process was quick, but for some reason my ability to walk, exercise, even ride my bike has been hindered greatly. All that being said, I had a big personal achievement this past weekend when I ended up walking from Oak Street beach all the way past Loyola in Rogers Park. Which probably to most people isn't that bad of a walk, but for me being able to walk that distance and be able to walk the next morning in shoes without pain is something that has not happened in a while.

During that walk I was able to listen to NPR, and the show I was listening to was interviewing an ex-political prisoner for Somalia who found solace in Anna Karenina. As the interview continued on the idea that Leo Tolstoy writes in such a way that he allows his readers to understand what each character is feeling reminded me of Crime and Punishment - which is my favorite book. When I read Crime and Punishment I found myself sympathizing with Raskolnikov and understanding why he did what he did. As they talked about Tolstoy having this same effect, I was reminded why I find Russian literature fascinating.