If you desire to Indulge me then…

…be my guest


"The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation"


- Mary Ritter Beard

I love when people indulge my desires, but before you spend your money on me try giving a little too. All the organizations below are places I would spend my excess money.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

I was lucky enough to be a big in high school, and one of the things they tell all Bigs is that even though it doesn't seem like you are making a difference you are. The effects you have on a person are not always seen until years latter, long after a Big has left a Little's life. This is a great organization, and one that helps rich and poor alike.


Nature Conservancy

Before humans existed there was the Earth, and after we are long gone the Earth will still be here. Growing up I helped clean up my home, but what I realize now is that my home isn't just where I sleep, where I live, but the planet I live on. It is all our jobs to take care of it in every way we can, because we can't walk to the corner store to buy a new one.

Planned Parenthood

If you plan on seeing anyone in the industry, then opposing this is like putting you health in jeopardy. For many women this is the only way they can receive healthcare, and reproductive help. Most people only see the abortions, but they fail to see that Planned Parenthood also works overseas to help get healthcare to men, women, and children in neglected areas.


"Pleasure's a sin, and sometimes sin's a pleasure"

- Lord Bryon, Don Juan

If you wish to know what I enjoy indulging in then look no further. My desires, guilty pleasures, and curiosities you have found them.

From adventure to food to items you can find them here. Nothing is expected, but always appreciated.

Food & Drink

Never ask a person who's worked in kitchens where they want to eat or drink, because the list is never ending, but I did my best. From Restaurants to Lounges to Libations of all kinds. In here you'll find items I desire to try and place I love.


Cider -

JK Scrumpy

Dragon's Head Cider

Foggy Ridge Cider

Domaine Neige

Spirits -


Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Koval Gin

Mezcal (no preference)



Been there and loved it -

Purple Pig

Girl and the Goat

Mindy's Hot Chocolate



Quartino Restaurant

One day I will go -

Duck Duck Goat



Calumet Fisheries


Mott Street



Been there and loved it -



The Northman

One day I will go -


The Gilt Bar

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

The Office






Sorry Marilyn but diamonds aren't a girls best friend. Normally I enjoy doing my own shopping but if you feel the need to gift clothing, shoes, or lingerie feel free to.


Trashy Diva's

Banana Republic

Unique Vintage



Christian Loubitan

Steve Madden

Poetic license

Irregular Choice

Shoes of Prey


Age - Early 20's

Height - 5' 5"

Weight - 140 lb

Measurements - 34e -31 - 39

Dress/coats size - 8 US

Shoes/Heels - 8 US